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Kurt Francis is a motivational and inspirational speaker, Invigorator, based in San Diego County. He is humorous, enthusiastic, dynamic and optimistic as he tells you a story that we can all overcome issues in our lives.

He had challengers growing up with reading, comprehension and dyslexia as a youth. He shares his life story and the secrets to his incredible success. His passion and Inner calling grew to help people succeed and become free to be the people they meant to be. From young adults with drug issues to successful entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations, Kurt has helped them to find their direction and their inner calling.

You are a talented speaker who is wonderful at motivating and building moral. I have implemented many of your suggestions and I am seeing results!

Kristine Deason

Your enthusiasm and ideas are inspiring and have given me much to think about in how I am going to approach 2015! Thank you for your fabulous presentation in San Diego!

Lisa Strano

It was a joy having you speak at our National Convention. You were entertaining, challenging and motivational. What more could anyone ask for.

Vickie DeHaven

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