When Your Dreams Connect With Your Calling, And They Join Forces, Something Powerful Will Happen in Your Life.

– Kurt Francis

About Kurt Francis – Chief Invigorator

Kurt was born in Johannesburg South Africa. His dream from a young age was to live in America. Nothing could stop this dream. in 1999 this dream materialized and he moved to the USA. He lived in Arizona and then to North Carolina. At that time he had traveled to 33 states and just knew that Southern California was his home. He moved to San Diego in September 2003 and got his California Real Estate license. Kurt joined CENTURY 21 Award in 2003 as an agent. A year later he became Branch Manager of the an Office and managed 4 different offices San Diego leading to great success. In 2014 he was appointed Senior Branch Manager where he is involved in a many aspects of the company and all its 16 offices all over southern California. Kurt regularly speaks at sales meetings all over Southern California as well as other companies, other industries and non-profit organizations.

All the 13 years of his Elementary and High Schooling in South Africa, Kurt refused to speak in front of a group of people or his class. He was terrified and hated it. It was because of a lack of belief in himself. He had challengers growing up with reading, comprehension and dyslexia. He had a teacher who gave him a broken desk and placed it in a corner of a classroom to separate him from the rest of the class. This was demoralizing and stunted his confidence. In Africa at that time there were no special classes for people with learning disabilities or any understanding of children dealing with issues.

Kurt refused to let this hold him back. Something happened to Kurt and the process of transformation began. A transformation from a place where he felt captive to a place of inner freedom started where Kurt was released to be the person he was called to be. Many have witnessed the passion he has in his life. His ability to overcome hurdles, obstacles and encumbrances, hindrances, obstructions, impediments, constraints, handicaps, disadvantages and drawback has allowed him to realize that we can all overcome issues in our lives. He has also realized that companies and organizations can transform themselves.

No, Kurt is not an astronaut!

When he found out that everyone has issues and not just him that hold them back, his passion and Inner calling grew to help people succeed and become free to be the people they meant to be. He has helped many through coaching in life issues, increasing their sales performance, bettering their relationships and bringing life and joy to them. From young adults with drug issues to successful entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations, Kurt has helped them to find their direction and their inner calling.

Kurt has spoken to groups from small groups to groups of 5,000 people. Whenever Kurt speaks to groups, no matter what group or size, the audience is energized to take action which results in great change. His dream now is to touch as many people’s lives, companies and organizations he can.

You by far were my favorite portion of our sales meeting. I left feeling rejuvenated.

Susan Sanderson

You were fantastic on stage and I hope to see another presentation from you one day soon.


I have implemented many of your suggestions and I am seeing results!

Kristine Deason