Kurt Francis recently took to the airwaves as he was invited to pitch “The ONE Thing”. He was asked to share one of the “6 lies” from The One Thing. He was invited to be one of the 75 people world wide chosen to be a certified trainer and presenter of The One Thing.

Kurt appeared on ESPN Real Talk San Diego as special guest.

He talked about his life and his belief as well as promoted by the host to share The ONE thing with three other guests in his December 8 appearance.

“I really want to Impact and touch people’s lives. My vision is to Invigorate one million people in the next 20 years. I want to look at what’s really motivate somebody, what’s going to invigorate them. Talent is not everything. Talents can be really important yet passion and hard work beats talent especially when talent does not work. I have seen people going far better and far higher than their own talent.” said Kurt on Radio.

You can listen to his entire interview right here on kurtfrancis.com.