Understand That Your Calling is Never About You

Your calling is never about You, it is about Impacting, Influencing and Invigorating someone else.  No one is called to serve themselves in this life. Anyone who thinks they are called to serve themselves, normally lead very unhappy unfulfilled lives and are filled with anger and insecurity.  

Often when it is someones birthday I wish them by saying something like this – Today we all rejoice, celebrate and party that you were born because we are all recipients of all the gifts, talents and skills you bring to this planet. if you were not born we would of been denied a massive blessing.I often share this on their Facebook page. I sometimes send this message using other platforms such as iJot.com video clip or my mobile device video app.

Your Calling and Dreams is about Impacting, Influencing and Invigorating recipients. The key is to find who are the recipients.

So often I speak to people about their dreams and their calling and they never ever mention anyone else and only themselves. The majority of people think that their dreams are for themselves. When anyone focuses on themselves they tend to reach a plateau in their lives and their dreams begin lacking Inspiration and every other area of their lives start lacking inspiration.

When you know your calling and your dreams are for others and not yourself, then our dreams become far more powerful. It is amazing what you will do for your dreams when you realize your dreams are for others, especially your loved ones.