When Your Dreams Connect With Your Calling, And They Join Forces, Something Powerful Will Happen in Your Life.

When Your Dreams connect with your Calling and they are joined, Your focus is taken off your self. If the Dream does not connect and intersect with your calling, one will be heading in 2 or more directions. So many people are so frustrated in their jobs all across this planet. They hate going to work. They hate Monday mornings. According to a Gallups 2013 State of American Workplace Study, 70% of those surveyed stated that they were disengaged from their work. 150,000 people were surveyed and only 30% said that they honestly were satisfied with their job or boss. Help me somebody! This is why customer service in so many companies is at an all time low. When I moved to this awesome country USA 16 years ago, Airlines in America were great. They gave great customer service. In 16 years I have seen this industry in USA literally go down the toilet. Yet, other great airlines such us Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Air France and many others still give great service. I fly internationally every year and I kind of go out my way not to fly any USA airline because of been treated like just a number. This is so sad.  The majority of the work force today have not experienced their Dream connecting with their Calling. Until then, this group will be part of the 70%.